With years of experience in running our own business and working closely with the businesses of our clients, we know what makes company directors lie awake at night. We know how to put your mind at rest.

As one of Johannesburg’s leading business insurance brokers – we’ll help take care of your risk, so you can get on with taking care of business.

Here’s an overview of the business insurance products we offer:

Commercial and Industrial Insurance

We cover all sizes of company assets against fire, theft, business interruption and legal liability costs. In order to better cater to your unique business needs, we’ve also created niche products within Commercial and Industrial Insurance. These include policies designed for sectional title body corporates and specialist cover for schools, dentists and doctors.

Marine Insurance

We source specialist cover that kicks in from the moment your goods are loaded until they reach their destination. Marine Hull Cover also provides protection for sea-going vessels and can be tailored to suit a variety of needs, from a ship being run aground to simply the cargo that is being carried.

Hospitality Insurance

We’ve got the perfect cover for any tourism or hospitality-related risk. This includes special cover for structures that are made from thatch, wood or canvas. Our clients include game lodges, game and nature reserves, hotels, holiday resorts, game and guest farms, hunting and trophy facilities, travel agents, booking agents and tour operators.

Restaurant Insurance

Our comprehensive policy options include deterioration of stock, theft of customer property, theft by staff, food poisoning liability, machinery breakdown and bilking.

Farmers’ Insurance

Our flexible insurance products cover the specific needs of producers in the crop, game or wine industries.

Public Liability Insurance

We’ll make sure you’re covered for liability towards third parties if anything your company does leads to death, bodily injury, illness or damage to property. We can also include product liability and defective workmanship and cater for specialised liabilities such as product recall.

Motor Dealerships

We offer insurance solutions for both new and used dealerships. Cover for your assets from losses arising from events such as fire and theft can be arranged, coupled with more specific insurance for this class of business such as demonstration risk, social domestic and pleasure use, as well as consignment stock.

Professional Liability Insurance

We’ll make sure you’re covered for financial losses in case you, as a professional, cause loss to be suffered by a client or third-party, either through negligence or due to an error or omission.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance

Under the new Companies Act, directors can be held personally responsible for the decisions they make. Our cover provides financial protection for directors and company officers in case they’re sued in the line of duty.

Contractors All Risks

This insurance covers accidental physical loss of or damage to all permanent and temporary works constructed or in the course of construction. All materials and property used whilst on the contract site are also included, as well as goods being transported to the contract site.

Riot Cover (SASRIA)

This covers loss or damage to property due to riots or strikes, as well as any business interruption.