If it matters to you, it matters to us. The cover we can arrange means you’ll have peace of mind knowing that if something happens to you or your belongings, your personal insurance brokers have got you protected.

Motor vehicle insurance

Our range of motor insurance products covers everything from private cars to motorised caravans and scooters. Options include comprehensive cover, third party laid up cover, as well as third party fire and theft. Additional features following an accident or vehicle loss include car hire, medical expenses, trauma counselling, funeral benefits, breakdown, window glass, protection, removal and repair.

Porsche and Porsche Club Scheme

For many years, Sela Brokers has been the exclusive providers of insurance to the Porsche Club. We also provide a comprehensive motor scheme to non-members of the Porsche Club.

Ferrari Vehicle Insurance

Since 1976, Sela Brokers has provided a tailored, comprehensive motor insurance policy to Ferrari vehicle owners.

All Risks

As leading household insurance brokers, we’ll cover you anywhere in the world for any loss or damage to your property by any cause not excluded. Insured property may either be:

  • Specified: We recommend this approach for high value items such as jewellery, stamp and coin collections and items that you take out your house such as cell phones, laptops, iPads, video and camera equipment. Other items include handheld electronic devices, pedal cycles, spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses, golf clubs, caravan contents and camping equipment.
  • Unspecified: This covers you for property, such as clothing, personal items normally worn or carried, and personal equipment worn or used by a person participating in sports (excluding damage to sports equipment during use). This section is subject to a limit – the sum insured – and you may only claim up to 20% of the sum insured for any item.


We’ll cover your private residence and its domestic outbuildings, including landlord’s fixtures and fittings; water, sewerage, gas, electricity and telephone connections; paths and driveways constructed of brick, concrete, pavers, asphalt or stone (not gravel); walls, gates and fences (excluding hedges); swimming pools including fixed filtration plant, water pumping machinery (not automatic pool cleaners) pool safety nets and covers; tennis courts; sauna and spa baths; water features and fishponds constructed from concrete or stone but excluding fish. For loss or damage from perils such as fire, lightning, explosion, storm, wind, hail, flood, snow, impact, theft and as more specifically defined in the policy.

Household Contents

Covers the entire contents of your home for loss or damage caused from fire, lightning, explosion, storms, theft, malicious damage, aircraft fall-out, earthquake, impact and as more specifically defined in the policy. Accidental damage is also included up to a specified limit.

Personal Computers

We cover your private computer, including its keyboard, monitor and peripherals, not used for business purposes other than for home industry or professional home use. Cover also includes recompilation of data.

Personal Accident

If you get hurt by anyone or anything else, compensation is available for death, permanent disablement and medical expanses up to specific limits.

Personal Liability

This insurance covers you for legal liability to third parties for accidental death, bodily injury or illness and/or accidental loss and/or damage to property up to a limit of R 5 million.

Travel Insurance

There are various cover and benefit options available to suit different needs. These include medical and related expenses, pre-existing medical and related benefits, accidental death, journey cancellation, travel supplier insolvency, missed connections, delays, luggage, personal liability, hijack, hostage and wrongful arrest.