Porsche Vehicle Insurance

For many years, Sela Brokers has been the exclusive providers of insurance to the Porsche Club. We also provide a comprehensive motor scheme to non-members of the Porsche Club.

Since 1976, Sela Brokers’ senior members, Giorgio Cavalieri and Alan Turnbull offered exotic vehicle insurance for both Porsche and Ferrari among the policies offered to those requiring sports car insurance.

In 1977, Cavalieri a sports car enthusiast, and later President of the Ferrari Club , took over the management of the Ferrari Club, the Southern Equatorial Ferrari Automobili Club –the oldest Ferrari owners’ club in the world.

He realised a need amongst owners for a competitive insurance product to cover their prized possession. Today the policy is still one of the most comprehensive and competitive insurances available to Ferrari owners.

A similar facility is available for the Porsche marque. Sela is also the official insurance broker to the Porsche Club of South Africa.

With our vast experience in sports car insurance, we also cover other makes of luxury vehicles, as well as offering private and commercial insurance for their owners.



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